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He Sees You When You’re Sleeping: 7 SFF Books for Christmas

From Discworld's Hogfather to Brom's Krampus: six slightly twisted tales of Christmas.


Graphic, Novel: 8 Horror Comics to Keep You Up All Night

Forget The Walking Dead - here are eight frightful comic series to scare the pants off you this Halloween.

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It’s Finally Happening: Joe Hill’s ‘Locke & Key’ Coming to TV

Locke & Key will finally be coming to television. IDW Entertainment itself will be developing the straight...

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Gifts for the Geek: Day 23 | NOS4A2

Once again, it's time for another fantastic Christmas gift suggestion for the geekishly inclined! My...

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Classic Horror Anthology ‘Tales From the Darkside’ Reboot to be Helmed by Joe Hill

Horror novelist Joe Hill is attached to a reboot of the classic horror anthology television series "Tales...

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What Books Did You Receive?

The gift-giving holidays are over! And with that end, hopefully some great reading! I got one major...