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‘Hit Girl’ Chloe Grace Moretz Would Kill to be in Star Wars Episode Seven

"Star Wars: Episode Seven" is attracting a lot of attention from actors who want to be part of the franchise,...

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George R.R. Martin 2011 Calendar

This is one of those posts where the less said, the better. Just look at how gorgeous artist Ted Nasmith's...

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Win THE TALISMAN #2 variant cover comic book signed by cover artist Tommy Lee Edwards

Uber-talented artist Tommy Lee Edwards was in New York recently to do a little research for the upcoming...

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Trailer: Kick-Ass

Here is a movie that keeps looking more... well... bad ass! It is also getting rave reviews from super-geeks...

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“Panic Attack” Strikes Big!

Panic Attack, the short film created by Uruguayan commercials director Fede Alvarez has become a YouTube...

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“Kick-Ass” Trailer

....Or, McLovin is finally in a superhero movie. Based on the comic by Mark Millar and John Romita Jr.,...