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‘Republic of Thieves’ Author Scott Lynch on Favorite Fantasy Magic Systems

As a longtime fantasy fan, gamer and general explorer of hidden history and strange ideas, magical systems...

Unbound Worlds

Poll: Would You Buy Sanctioned Fan Fiction?

Last week, Amazon announced Kindle Worlds, a platform for fan fiction. Is that a good thing? A bad...

Unbound Worlds

Poll: Where Do You Buy Your Books?

The book had its revolution when Johannes Gutenberg created the printing press. A few years ago, Amazon...

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The Hobbit Enhanced Edition

There have been many editions of The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien published over the years. But there...

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Gifts For the Geek: Day 15

There are some really cool geeky items out there and this is the season I begin thinking, "Wouldn't it...

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Blog Post of the Week: Kindle Daily talks A GLIMPSE OF DARKNESS

What happens when five authors try to write a single story