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Top 5 Books Terry Brooks Has Recommended Me

Terry Brooks reads almost as much as he writes. Here are five books he forced writer Shawn Speakman to...


7 Favorite Books Featuring Michael Whelan Artwork

Michael Whelan is a beloved SFF artist whose work has been featured on countless books. Here are seven...


5 Amazing Prequels To Great Fantasy Series

Many fantasy series need prequels to round out their stories. Here are 5 must-read prequels!


10 Forthcoming Books With Gorgeous Covers

Ten forthcoming books with covers that we absolutely love. Any of them on your reading list?


5 Books By Richard Matheson and the Movies They Inspired

Today is Richard Matheson’s birthday, and while he’s no longer with us (d. 2013) his fiction very...


Top 10 2017 Science Fiction Novels I Want Now

2017 is here and, with it, new science fiction novels! Here is a list of this year's SF books that I...