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Taylor Anderson on the Inspiration for the Destroyermen Series

With the release of Devil’s Due, the 12th novel in Destroyermen, author Taylor Anderson shares why...


What Goes Around, Shoots Back: Tanya Huff on Writing a Series

Author Tanya Huff speaks about the challenges and joys of writing a spin-off series, and how her writing...


Margaret Fortune on Writing a Series of Standalones

Sci-fi writer Margaret Fortune on writing Spectre War, and why she chose a relatively non-traditional...


So You Want to Read… A Guide to Sci-Fi and Fantasy Subgenres

We're exploring the subgenres of science fiction and fantasy with a list of reading guides to help you...


So You Want to Read Military Sci-Fi, Part 2: Reader Suggestions

Here's a few suggestions for where a new reader of military science-fiction might begin.