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Former Major George Beahm on the Military Science of Star Wars

Former U.S. Army major George Beahm wanted a book on the military science of Star Wars, but it didn't...


Exclusive Cover Reveal: The Privilege of Peace by Tanya Huff

The final book in Tanya Huff's military sci-fi Peacekeeper series, The Privilege of Peace, comes out...


Richard Baker on Sikander North and Writing Colonialism

When Richard Baker began exploring colonialism in his military sci-fi novel, Valiant Dust, he knew he...


Taylor Anderson on the Inspiration for the Destroyermen Series

With the release of Devil’s Due, the 12th novel in Destroyermen, author Taylor Anderson shares why...


What Goes Around, Shoots Back: Tanya Huff on Writing a Series

Author Tanya Huff speaks about the challenges and joys of writing a spin-off series, and how her writing...


Margaret Fortune on Writing a Series of Standalones

Sci-fi writer Margaret Fortune on writing Spectre War, and why she chose a relatively non-traditional...