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A Long Time Ago: Adam Christopher on Star Wars in the 1980s

Adam Christopher, author of the Ray Electromatic mystery series, writes about his Star Wars-obsession...


A Long Time Ago: Elizabeth Bonesteel on Seeing Star Wars in Theaters

Elizabeth Bonesteel, author of the Central Corps novels, writes about reluctantly seeing Star Wars in...


Everything You Need to Know About The Dark Tower: A Primer

We get it, you're busy - you don't have time to read seven books before you go see "The Dark Tower" in...


These Movies, Books, and Games Are Going to Make 2017 AWESOME

When it comes to entertainment, I have a feeling that next year is going to RULE.


See the Second Trailer for ‘Hidden Figures’ Here

20th Century Fox has a new trailer for "Hidden Figures", the untold story of the African-American women...


4 Books Based on Movies Based on Books

Science-fiction, fantasy, and horror films often have novelizations, and for a lot of fans, these are...