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9 Strangely Catchy Songs Inspired by Star Wars

The Mountain Goats just delighted fans with a Star Wars-inspired track titled 'The Ultimate Jedi Who...


Why Sophie Sings: Magic(k), Music & Mental Health

Sylvia Izzo Hunter, author of the Noctis Magicae series, discusses the important role that music has...

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All the People Who Died: Five Rockin’ Songs For ‘Game of Thrones’

Death. Dragons. Wargs. Warlords. Here’s a few suggestions for hard rocking songs that might capture...

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NYCC 2015: Why Are You So Metal, Peter Orullian?

One of New York Comic Con 2015’s hottest panels was Saturday’s “Masters of Unreality: Heavy Metal...

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The Singamajig Symphony and the John Green Effect: An Interview with Erin Knight

Musician Erin Knight composes weirdly beautiful covers of pop songs with the help of these singing toys.

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Cage Match 2015: Now With 100% More Music

A Cage Match playlist to get you in the right mindset for Round One voting!