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Myke Cole on Siege Line and Wrapping up the Reawakening Trilogy

Myke Cole’s Reawakening Trilogy comes to an explosive end with the release of the third and final...


Myke Cole Talks About the Newly Announced Shadow Ops Boardgame

Gaming company Nocturnal Media has announced they’ll be producing a miniature based strategy board...


Myke Cole on Historical Diversity and More

Geekdad.com recently posted an interview with Shadow Ops author Myke Cole on the topic of historical...


Can You Beat Myke Cole And His ECCC Audience At SF&F Trivia?

Can you beat Myke Cole and his Emerald City Comicon audience in the SF&F trivia game show Geek Geek Revolution?...


Win Myke Cole's Shadow Ops Series in Our 'Hunted' Sweepstakes!

When Myke Cole's not writing his Shadow Ops military fantasy series, he’s working as a Cyber Threat...


NYCC 2016: Javelin Rain Author Myke Cole on Military Might and Magic

Myke Cole is a veteran and law enforcement professional whose mix of military action and magic has made...