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The Dark Myth That Inspired Victor LaValle's The Changeling

Victor LaValle's The Changeling is fiction, but it's based in part on a very disturbing bit of folklore...


5 Insane 19th-Century Superstitions About Love and Marriage

Looking for some helpful hints for romance and marriage? Let these truly weird superstitions help you...

Unbound Worlds

Exclusive Excerpt & Giveaway for Katherine Arden’s The Bear and The Nightingale

Read the first chapter of Katherine Arden's enchanting debut The Bear and The Nightingale and enter to...

Unbound Worlds

Meet the Draugr: The Real ‘White Walker’ of Norse Myth

After my chat with historian Dan Jones about the Wars of the Roses, a medieval conflict cited by George...

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Monster Dogs of Myth and Legend

It’s National Dog Day, Unbound Worlds readers! Founded in 2004 by Animal Behaviorist and author...


The Fantastic Folklore And Satire of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld

Blame it on a lifetime of poring through Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manuals and Crestwood House Universal...