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Why You Should Be Excited for the Premiere of American Gods

The first season of American Gods is coming to Starz on April 30th, and here are five reasons why you...


4 Ancient Heavens That Might Be Worse Than Hell

Some people believe in a place beyond this world: a paradise where they’ll be reunited with their dead...


Giant Catfish, Magic Crystals: Geomancy in Beth Cato's Breath of Earth

Beth Cato writes about Japanese mythology and the world of Breath of Earth.


Mark Tompkins on The World of The Last Days of Magic

Mark Tompkins writes about the real-life myths and history that inspired the world of The Last Days of...

Unbound Worlds

Interview With Elizabeth Bear, Co-Author, ‘Apprentice to Elves’

Elizabeth Bear is the co-author, along with Sarah Monette, of the Iskryne series: a fantasy saga set...

Unbound Worlds

Horrific Horses of Celtic Myth: Nuckelavees, Dullahans, and Kelpies

We fantasy fans have been in a bit of a monster rut, I think. There's nothing wrong with dragons, goblins,...