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Scott Sigler on His TV Show in Development and More

I didn't have much of a chance to catch up with Nocturnal author Scott Sigler as SDCC, but a video conference...

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‘Nocturnal’ Author Scott Sigler on the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast

In case you missed it last week, Nocturnal author Scott Sigler was on television personality, actor,...

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Must Read: Scott Sigler Describes the “Unbound Worlds” Monster

I've written about Scott Sigler's book Nocturnal quite a bit here at Unbound Worlds.com, so I though...

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San Diego Comic Con 2012: Scott Sigler, Author, ‘Nocturnal’

You should know that Nocturnal author Scott Sigler is a livewire. He talks fast, thinks fast and writes...

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Interview with Scott Sigler, Author, ‘Nocturnal’

Scott Sigler is more than a writer: he's a podcaster, omnipresent internet being and dependable producer...

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Our 2012 Best Bets: Scott Sigler’s ‘Nocturnal’

We're continuing our discussion of some of 2012's most hotly anticipated books today with Scott Sigler's...