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NYCC 2012: Timothy Zahn on ‘Star Wars: Scoundrels’

Fan favorite Timothy Zahn shared some news about his soon to be released novel Star Wars: Scoundrels,...

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NYCC 2012: Cosplay Roundup

Using a careful, scientific method that I like to call "eyeballin' it," I've determined that the 3 most...

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NYCC 2012: Anna Hrachovec, ‘Super-Scary Mochimochi’

Artist and author Anna Hrachovec is the creator the adorable Mochimochi, tiny little yarn creatures that...

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NYCC 2012: Pablo Hildalgo, Writer, ‘The Essential Readers’ Companion: Star Wars’

Pablo Hildalgo stepped from a packed signing to speak with me about the new Essential Readers' Companion:...

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NYCC 2012: Artist Jeff Carlisle on ‘The Essential Reader’s Companion: Star Wars’

It's Mythbusters' Jamie Hyneman! What's he doing at Random House's booth? Oh, no, wait: It's artist Jeff...

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NYCC 2012: Chuck Palahniuk on Transgression, Boundaries and His New Book

Chuck Palahniuk's fans showed up hours early to meet their favorite writer during his signing at NYCC...