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Kelley Armstrong’s Top Rules for Writing Supernatural Couples

Otherworld author Kelley Armstrong shares her rules for compelling romance on the page.

Unbound Worlds

New Release Interview: VISIONS by Kelley Armstrong

Kelley Armstrong is the bestselling author of the Otherworld series! She has begun a new series that...

Unbound Worlds

50 Page Fridays: Kelley Armstrong

The first 50 Pages of Kelley Armstrong's DIME STORE MAGIC are here for your enjoyment. Just click Read...

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5 Questions: Kelley Armstrong

Today, the second to last Otherworld novel, Spell Bound, is published! What better way to celebrate...

Unbound Worlds

25 Years of Spectra: DIME STORE MAGIC (2004) by Kelley Armstrong

I had heard of Kelley Armstrong before I started working for Spectra, but I had never read her


A Signature Event

If you don’t know, the last Tuesday of every month is traditionally when new books are released...