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Top 5 Books Terry Brooks Has Recommended Me

Terry Brooks reads almost as much as he writes. Here are five books he forced writer Shawn Speakman to...


The Importance of Letting Authors Finish Series On Their Terms

Readers have been patiently waiting for two books in particular. Here is why it is important to let those...


Hear Felicia Day, Patrick Rothfuss in Rob Reid's After On Audiobook

Rob Reid's After On is a surprisingly funny look at what happens when a Silicon Valley tech firm accidentally...


10 Forthcoming Books With Gorgeous Covers

Ten forthcoming books with covers that we absolutely love. Any of them on your reading list?


The New Importance of Osten Ard and Tad Williams

Tad Williams has returned to epic fantasy at a time when readers need him the most. Here's why.


5 Great Quotes from Patrick Rothfuss

Here are five of our favorite quotes from Wise Man's Fear author Patrick Rothfuss