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Take Five With Peter Orullian, Author, ‘Trial of Intentions’

Peter Orullian is the contributor for this week’s Take Five, a regular series where we ask authors...

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Worldbuilders Reddit AMA Week Featuring Great Authors

This week is Worldbuilders Week on Reddit! And two dozen authors are taking part in Ask Me Anything interviews...

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NYCC 2015: Why Are You So Metal, Peter Orullian?

One of New York Comic Con 2015’s hottest panels was Saturday’s “Masters of Unreality: Heavy Metal...

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Are You Attending Salt Lake Comic Con?

Sale Lake Comic Con 2015 begins tomorrow! I am attending as a guest but I'm not the only one! Are you...

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Peter Orullian Interviews The Mark Lawrence

What happens when two Unfettered contributors have new books published close together? An interview,...

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Google Hangout Interview: Peter Orullian & His TRIAL OF INTENTIONS

Last week, I conducted a Google Hangout interview with Peter Orullian! It was my first hangout interview...