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Poll: Which A Game of Thrones Character Would Make a Great POTUS?

This U.S. election season has been its own game of thrones. It begs the question: Which Game of Thrones...

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Poll: What Are You Most Excited To Watch?

There are some great TV and movies coming soon, adapting comic book properties! And here is a poll,...

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Poll: Would You Buy THE HOBBIT Trilogy Edited To One Movie?

The extended editions of the Lord of the Rings trilogy sold surprisingly well! But would you buy a...

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Poll: Which Sci-FI Planet/Moon Would You Move To?

Several months ago, I read Golden Son by Pierce Brown. Bloodydamn amazing! Love his take on Mars


Poll: How Do You Bookmark?

We are readers, and we all need to mark our place in a book if we put it down before we finish it! Today's...


Poll: When Did You Start Reading George R. R. Martin?

A Friday poll! When did you start reading George R. R. Martin? Back before A Game of Thrones? Or did...