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Sunday Rec: THE MARTIAN Classroom Edition

The Martian by Andy Weir has been published with a classroom guide meant to spur discussion about the...

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Receive Free Ebook About AGE OF MYTH by Author Michael J. Sullivan

Ask Age of Myth author Michael J. Sullivan a question and receive an ebook about it featuring bonus content! Here's...

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Worldbuilders Reddit AMA Week Featuring Great Authors

This week is Worldbuilders Week on Reddit! And two dozen authors are taking part in Ask Me Anything interviews...

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Reddit “Ask Terry Brooks Anything” on July 8th

The High Druid's Blade by Terry Brooks publishes on July 8th! On the same day, the bestselling author...


New Release Interview: Witch Wraith by Terry Brooks

Today, Witch Wraith by Terry Brooks publishes! It is the final volume in the Dark Legacy of Shannara...

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Fifteen Minutes with Joe Hill: What Do You Ask Him?

If you had fifteen minutes with horror author and comic book scribe Joe Hill, what would you ask him?...