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R.A. Salvatore Returns to Corona with Child of a Mad God

We spoke with Drizzt Do’Urden creator R.A. Salvatore on writing, gaming, and returning to the world...

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Throwback Thursday: Terry Brooks & R.A. Salvatore

It is Throwback Thursday! But today's picture is not that much of a throwback, featuring Terry Brooks...

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R.A. Salvatore Discusses His Involvement With ‘Neverwinter: Underdark’

Neverwinter: Underdark is the eight expansion of the action MMORPG set in the Dungeons & Dragons’ Forgotten...


Interview with R.A. Salvatore: The Future of Drizzt, and More

Solid storytelling, big-hearted characters, and an epic sense of adventure makes the release of every...

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Cool Kickstarter: DemonWars: Allheart by R.A. Salvatore

A new Kickstarter! This one from bestselling author R.A. Salvatore! Love tabletop RPGs? This Kickstarter...

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New Release Interview: RISE OF THE KING by R.A. Salvatore

Rise of the King by R.A. Salvatore is in fine bookstores now! And here is an interview with the author...