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All Was Well: On Growing Past Harry Potter

Feliza Casano writes about what the Harry Potter series gave her and why she's grown into new books.


Hardcover, Paperback, Ebook: How Do You Choose?

Stories are stories are stories: that’s my point. Despite this, I still end up buying the same books...


It’s Science: Readers Live Longer

Science says to read like your life depends on it!

Unbound Worlds

Neil Gaiman’s Parents Let Him Read What He Wanted. What About Yours?

During a recent interview with The Guardian, Neil Gaiman remarked that his parents didn't limit his choices...

Unbound Worlds

What Book And At What Age Did You Start Reading Sci-Fi/Fantasy?

What book put you on the path to a life of reading? And how old were you when that happened?


Joe Abercrombie Reads From His Rogues Story

Author Joe Abercrombie contributed the opening story to the forthcoming anthology Rogues edited by George...