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Rae Carson on Manifest Destiny and Religion in Like a River Glorious

In this interview, Carson discusses the religious symbolism in her novels and how her own family's history...

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Science, Religion, and Science-Fiction: Six Provocative Quotes from Atheist Authors

Are religion and science incompatible? No, according to evolutionary geneticist Jerry A. Coyne

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Politics, Religion and Comic Books

[caption id="attachment_41105" align="alignleft" width="100" caption="Wertham"][/caption] Superhero comic...

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Interview with Chris Moriarty, Author, ‘Ghost Spin’

Chris Moriarty is the author of Ghost Spin: The Age of Man is ending. The UN’s sprawling interstellar...

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Goin’ to the Jedi Temple, Gonna Get Married…

Sure, you're a Star Wars fan, but are you willing to be married by a Jedi minister? Better question:...

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Guest Essay: Maurice Broaddus: ‘Faith in the Fantastic’

Speculative fiction has a bit of an uneasy relationship with religion. On the one hand, Stephen King...