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5 Short Stories of Shadow Lurkers, Hidden People, and Cave-Dwellers

They’re fairies, mutants, or the survivors of a long-lost civilization. They dwell in the shadows,...

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Happy Birthday, Robert E. Howard: Creator of Conan the Barbarian

Happy birthday to author Robert Ervin Howard, who was born this day in 1906 in the tiny town of Peaster,...

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50 Page Fridays: Robert E. Howard

In preparation for Halloween, we have some horror stories coming your way. Click Read more and gain access...

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Pulp Fantasy Prophets and Sci-Fi Sages: When Fictional Characters Become Your Guides

In the final episode of  South Park's season eleven trilogy "Imaginationland", fourth-grader Kyle Broflovksi...


Cage Match 2013 Round 1: Captain Nemo vs. Kull of Atlantis

Jules Verne's Captain Nemo fights Robert E. Howard's Kull of Atlantis.

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50 Page Fridays: Robert E. Howard

More horror stories are coming your way, just in time for Halloween. Click Read more and gain exclusive...