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The Clockwork Dynasty Robots of Daniel H. Wilson

Daniel H. Wilson knows a thing or two about robots. We spoke to him about those robots already living...


Daniel H. Wilson Unveils the Hidden History of The Clockwork Dynasty

Daniel H. Wilson is back with The Clockwork Dynasty, a new story about an ancient species that has lived...


Dirt Cheap Ebooks: Robopocalypse by Daniel H. Wilson

Welcome to another installment of Dirt Cheap Ebooks: a regular feature in which we highlight a book available...

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Google’s Emo AI and 4 More Cases of Artificial Intelligence Behaving Badly

Congratulations, Google: You've created the world's first emo artificial intelligence, and instead of...

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Daniel H. Wilson’s “Small Things” Tapped for Adaptation

Great news for fans of Carnegie Mellon roboticist and prolific author Daniel H. Wilson: Cole Haddon (NBC's...

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Daniel H. Wilson Profiled at Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Roboticist and science fiction author Daniel H. Wilson (Robopocalypse, Robogenesis, Amped) was recently...