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Running with the Demon by Terry Brooks is a dark, contemporary masterpiece, some considering it the foundation...

Unbound Worlds

50 Page Fridays: Terry Brooks

This week's 50 page Friday's features the first book in Terry Brooks' Word and Void trilogy, RUNNING...

Unbound Worlds

Video: Terry Brooks Talks Unfettered

Two days ago, bestselling author Terry Brooks got in front of the camera to talk about Unfettered, my...

Unbound Worlds

A Pair of Terry Brooks Interviews

Wards of Faerie by Terry Brooks hits shelves August 21st! To celebrate this first book of a brand...

Unbound Worlds

HBO Adapting Word/Void By Terry Brooks

Now that it is Sunday and the beginning of April, I can finally make this huge announcement on Unbound...

Unbound Worlds

The Terry Brooks Ebook Starter Pack

To celebrate the 35th Anniversary of The Sword of Shannara by Terry Brooks, Del Rey Books has gathered...