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DC Vertigo Founder Karen Berger Gets Own Line at Dark Horse

If you're into weird and edgy comic books, you should be very excited right now. Here's why.

Unbound Worlds

With Mark Lawrence: Why I Love Leather-Bound Books

Mark Lawrence is a fan of books. Especially leather-bound books. And today, he announced the creation...


Cage Match 2015 Round 4: Mustang vs Death

Can Mustang cheat Death one last time? Pierce Brown's Mustang and Neil Gaiman's Death face off in Cage...


Cage Match 2015 Round 2: Lyra Belacqua vs Death

Lyra Silvertongue and Death find themselves face-to-face at the end of time.


Cage Match 2015 Round 1: Death vs Alia Atreides

Death and the Bene Gesserit ruler have... a little chat in this match by Richard Kadrey.