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#SpecPride: Celebrating Pride With Our Favorite Queer SFF Characters

Speculative and proud: celebrating some of our favorite queer, trans, and nonbinary/nonconforming characters...


Change Agent Author Daniel Suarez on the Future of Genetic Editing

Daniel Suarez, author of the new sci-fi thriller Change Agent, on the incredible breakthroughs of genetic...


So You Want to Read Lovecraft: Here’s Where to Start

Enjoy this brief introduction to the gothic horror genre with seven recommended books by H


When Your Muses Are Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and You Like It

Mark Onspaugh, author of Deadlight Jack, joins Unbound Worlds to discuss his muses, Dr. Jekyll and Mr....

Unbound Worlds

4 Best Sci-Fi Novels Featuring Lethal Olympic-Level ‘Games’

Let’s take a look at four Olympic-level challenges from sci-fi literature in which the prize is your...

Unbound Worlds

‘Titanborn’ Author Rhett C. Bruno on Interplanetary Rebellion and How Writing is Like Architecture

Science-Fiction author Rhett C. Bruno thinks that the kind of interplanetary warfare depicted in his...