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Text-Based: The Best Sci-Fi and Fantasy for Gamers

There's plenty of overlap between sci-fi and fantasy books and the wide world of gaming, and we've picked...


A Long Time Ago: Martha Wells on How Star Wars Inspired Her Writing

Martha Wells, author of The Murderbot Diaries, shares how her love of Star Wars grew at a young age,...


#SpecPride: Celebrating Our Favorite Queer SFF Characters

Speculative and proud: celebrating some of our favorite queer, trans, and nonbinary/nonconforming characters...


Change Agent Author Daniel Suarez on the Future of Genetic Editing

Daniel Suarez, author of the new sci-fi thriller Change Agent, on the incredible breakthroughs of genetic...


So You Want to Read Lovecraft: Here’s Where to Start

Enjoy a brief introduction to the gothic horror genre with these seven recommended books by H


When Your Muses Are Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and You Like It

Mark Onspaugh, author of Deadlight Jack, joins Unbound Worlds to discuss his muses, Dr. Jekyll and Mr....