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4 Quotes From Isaac Asimov on Science and the Dangers of Ignorance

As a man who was passionate about education, willful ignorance earned Asimov's ire in a way that little...


In Honor of Astronomer Vera Rubin: 4 Books on Dark Matter

The best way to honor her life would be to learn more about the work she held so dear.


5 Horrifying Real Medieval Medical Practices

Here’s a few strange and horrific facts from the days when it was thought that washing hands meant...


It’s Science: Fantasy Fan? You’re Probably a Cat Person

Let's be purrfectly clear: If you're a fantasy fan then you're probably a feline fan, too. At least,...

Unbound Worlds

My Parasites, Myself: Brain-Controlling Bugs in Fiction and Fact!

Your mind, your mood, and more are influenced by the bugs crawling around in your gut... and other places....

Unbound Worlds

There’s a Scientific Explanation for ‘The Martian’ Oscar Love

Believe it or not, there was a time when science-fiction movies weren’t the box-office juggernauts...