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The Best Science Books of Summer 2017

The year is more than half over, which means it's time to tell you about the science books to keep an...


A Conversation with Dr. Sean Carroll, Author, The Big Picture

We talk with theoretical physicist Sean Carroll about analogies, the precision of words, and the intersection...


Jorge Cham and Daniel Whiteson on Writing a Guide to the Unknown

PHD Comics illustrator Jorge Cham teamed up with particle physicist Daniel Whiteson to create We Have...


4 Quotes From Isaac Asimov on Science and the Dangers of Ignorance

As a man who was passionate about education, willful ignorance earned Asimov's ire in a way that little...


In Honor of Astronomer Vera Rubin: 4 Books on Dark Matter

The best way to honor her life would be to learn more about the work she held so dear.


5 Horrifying Real Medieval Medical Practices

Here’s a few strange and horrific facts from the days when it was thought that washing hands meant...