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Watch John Jackson Miller, Dave Filoni, and Others talk ‘Star Wars: A New Dawn’ at SDCC!

We are very pleased today to share with you an exclusive recording of the Star Wars: A New Dawn panel,...

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SDCC 2014 Video: Peter Clines Gives Sneak Peek of ‘The Fold’ and Has Message for Fans

A zombie apocalypse AND superheroes, all in the same story. Does it get cooler than that? Does it? (No....

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SDCC 2014 Video: Pierce Brown on Red Rising and the Coolest Thing He Saw at Comic Con

Just because he’s the big-time fancy-schmancy author of the hit sci-fi novel Red Rising does NOT mean...

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SDCC 2014 Video: Author Romina Russell on Zodiac, First Times at SDCC, and Benedict Cumberbatch

Your first time can definitely be insane, overwhelming, and fun, especially if it potentially involves...

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SDCC 2014 Video: Joe Abercrombie on ‘Surviving Comic-con’ and Half a King

With a lead character whose malformed hand leaves him unable to even hold a shield, Joe Abercrombie’s...