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The Filaments of Fiction: Shawn Speakman on Lord Foul's Bane

For The Filaments of Fiction, Shawn Speakman writes about Stephen R. Donaldson and the history of Del...


Press Release: Announcing UNFETTERED II

Grim Oak Press has announced Unfettered II, the follow-up to the bestselling anthology Unfettered

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Possible Terry Brooks Panel Live-Stream Today From WIZARD WORLD

Terry Brooks and I are conducting a panel at Wizard World - Portland, Oregon today! I am going to attempt...

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Gifts For the Geek | Day 12: UNBOUND

Joe Abercrombie. Terry Brooks. Kristen Britain. Jim Butcher. Mark Lawrence. Mary Robinette Kowal

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Worldbuilders Reddit AMA Week Featuring Great Authors

This week is Worldbuilders Week on Reddit! And two dozen authors are taking part in Ask Me Anything interviews...

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Top 5 Favorite Worldbuilders Items Up For Auction

Patrick Rothfuss's Worldbuilders is auctioning geeky items to raise money for Heifer International! And...