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Cage Match 2015 Round 1: Susan Sto-Helit vs Irene Adler

The Discworld schoolteacher and The Woman throw down, in a rather meta way.

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New Release Interview: A Study in Ashes by Emma Jane Holloway

Steampunk. It's rising! And author Emma Jane Holloway is rising with it. Her newest novel, A Study...

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Sherlock Holmes as a Dog: A Review of Yuma Ando’s Sherlock Bones 1

Part suspense, part horror, part adorable, Sherlock Bones’s first volume is a well-balanced story that...

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Free Story! Steampunk Skullduggery in Emma Jane Holloways’ ‘The Strange and Alarming Courtship of Imogen Roth’

Monday is here, but that doesn't mean you still can't have a little fun. Start the week off right with...

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Cage Match 2013 Round 1: Gandalf vs. Professor Moriarty

J. R. R. Tolkien's Gandalf fights Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Professor Moriarty.

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Cage Match–Villains!: 2) Sauron versus 31) Professor Moriarty

Is the power of the One Ring enough to take out the genius leader of a crime ring?