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Exclusive Cover Reveal: Michael Moreci's We Are Mayhem

Michael Moreci's Star Wars-inspired Black Star Renegades burst onto the scene in January - check out...


Interview: Catherynne M. Valente on Her New Novel Space Opera

Space Opera is the story of a group of musicians chosen to represent Earth in a galaxy-wide talent contest...


Exclusive Cover Reveal: Amber Royer's Debut Space Opera Free Chocolate

Check out the exclusive cover reveal for Amber Royer's debut space opera Free Chocolate, and read Amber's...


Elizabeth Moon Goes Into the Fire

Bestselling sci-fi author Elizabeth Moon returns to the life and times of Ky Vatta in Into the Fire!


So You Want to Read Gothic Space Opera: Here’s Where to Start

In gothic space opera, the starship becomes a stand-in for the haunted mansion, and the universe at large...


50 Page Friday: Into the Fire by by Elizabeth Moon

Here's a sneak peek of INTO THE FIRE by Elizabeth Moon, on sale February 6th!