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Now Hear This: Exclusive Excerpt from Star Wars: Aftermath: Empire's End

It sounds like Star Wars fans are about to find out why Jakku looks like a giant scrap heap.


9 Strangely Catchy Songs Inspired by Star Wars

The Mountain Goats just delighted fans with a Star Wars-inspired track titled 'The Ultimate Jedi Who...


Who is ‘The Last Jedi’ and What Does it Mean for ‘Star Wars’?

This past Monday, Lucasfilm announced that the title of the next chapter in what is now officially known...


Why You Should Be Excited That Woody Harrelson is Joining Han Solo

Having seen and loved “Rogue One”, I couldn’t be any more excited than I already am about Lucasfilm’s...


Top 10 2017 Science Fiction Novels I Want Now

2017 is here and, with it, new science fiction novels! Here is a list of this year's SF books that I...


Dirt Cheap Ebooks: Fool’s Bargain: Star Wars Legends by Timothy Zahn

Today’s selection is Fool’s Bargain: Star Wars Legends, a novella by Timothy Zahn. It is currently...