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The Guns Above Author Robyn Bennis on Imagined Technology

Robyn Bennis used her background in biotech to imagine a world full of realistic technology in her new...

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From ‘Magnet Mice’ to ‘Parisian Ribbons’ – Andrea Cremer on Deadly Steampunk Weaponry

Dear Readers, We are proud to present this exclusive, original essay from Andrea Cremer, author of The...


War in the Age of Steam: Osprey’s ‘Steampunk Soldiers’

Since 1969, Osprey Publishing has been the world’s premiere publisher of military history books

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Fantasy Author J.M. McDermott to Fund Steampunk Novel ‘Straggletaggle’ Via Kickstarter

Author J. M. McDermott is using kickstarter for a new steampunk/dark fantasy novel called Straggletaggle....

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Cute and Educational! ‘Professor Whiskerton Presents: Steampunk ABC’

I don't have any kids of my own, but I've enjoyed watching my friends and family members pass on the...

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Steampunk Cosplayers Seeking Carousel Ride Ejected From Mall

San Diego area Steampunk enthusiasts attempting to enjoy a carousel ride at a local mall are all steamed...