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So You Want to Read The ’80s: Here’s Where to Start

The 1980s were an important time for fantasy. Here are several must-reads from that decade!


Creepshow Graphic Novel Returns From the Grave

Thanks to the gods of comic books and Gallery 13, Creepshow is back in print, 35 years later.


4 Animated Films Featuring Favorite Authors in Conversation

PBS Studios' “Blank on Blank” is a wonderful animated series that breathes new life into interviews...


Four Reasons You Should Be Excited for The Dark Tower

The film adaptation of Stephen King's Dark Tower series will be in theaters on August 4th, and here's...


5 Stephen King Book Elements In The Dark Tower Trailer

"The Dark Tower" trailer is here! And with it, the first footage of Stephen King's saga brought to life!...


New Trailer for Stephen King’s ‘The Mist’: a Series Coming to Spike TV

Spike has announced "The Mist": a new television series based on the Stephen King novella of the same...