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Weekend Rec: Wizard and Glass by Stephen King

The weekend is upon us with The Dark Tower movie on silver screens. To learn more about the Gunslinger,...


5 Books Bound By Beams To Stephen King's The Dark Tower

The Dark Tower spans worlds -- and books. Here are five important novels tied to Stephen King's magnum...


Finding Identity In Books and Protecting It Against Adaptations

Fans fume about book adaptations (The Dark Tower is one), but that might just be readers protecting their...


Everything You Need to Know About The Dark Tower: A Primer

We get it, you're busy - you don't have time to read seven books before you go see "The Dark Tower" in...


So You Want to Read The ’80s: Here’s Where to Start

This list in no way represents every great novel from the '80s. Rather, it is a wonderful and magical...


Creepshow Graphic Novel Returns From the Grave

Thanks to the gods of comic books and Gallery 13, Creepshow is back in print, 35 years later.