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Star Wares: The Best of Star Wars Celebration Merch

Here are ten of the most interesting and unique pieces of Star Wars merchandise from a galaxy far, far...

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Star Wares: Stormtrooper Candy Bowl Holder

It’s time for another installment of Star Wares: a new short series in which we’ll highlight some...

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What Are These Mysterious Stormtrooper Helmets?

Donnie Yen, one of the actors set to star in the first "Star Wars" anthology film, "Rogue One", just...

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The Evolution of the ‘Star Wars’ Stormtrooper Costume

I always wanted to be Luke Skywalker when I was a kid, but I loved—and continue to love—the bad guys...

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501st Legion Stormtrooper’s Armor Protects Him From Snakebite

It may have all of the protective value of wet newspaper when it comes to blaster bolts, but a suit of...


Yes, There Were Black Stormtroopers

There are black people in the Star Wars universe. Admittedly, we've only seen a few of them on-screen,...