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Meddling Kids Author Edgar Cantero on Writing Without a Blueprint

The Scooby Gang meets Cthulhu is the pitch for Edgar Cantero's new book, Meddling Kids, but that wasn't...

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A Conversation Between Marjorie M. Liu and Stephanie Chong

A relative newcomer to the paranormal scene, Stephanie Chong asks Marjorie M. Liu for some insight into...


NYCC 2012: ‘Demon Lover’ Writer Carol Goodman/Juliet Dark on Sex, Demons and Salacious Details

The fun at NYCC continues! For your viewing pleasure we have an interview with Carol Goodman, also known...

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Interview with Lincoln Child, Author, ‘The Third Gate’

Lincoln Child is the author of the new thriller The Third Gate: Under the direction of famed explorer...

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Zombie Tarot: The Tarot Deck Where Every Card is “Death”

The classic Tarot deck holds a number of seemingly sinister images: Death, the Devil, the Hanged Man

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An Interview with Dr. Robert Curran, Author and Expert in the Paranormal

Psychologist Robert Curran is an well-known expert in folklore and the paranormal, who has written dozens...