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The Best Science Books of Fall and Winter 2017

A look at the best new non-fiction science and technology books out this fall and early winter.


Nicky Drayden on How South Africa Puts the Science in Science Fiction

Nicky Drayden, debut author of The Prey of Gods, on what makes South Africa such a compelling setting...


Connie Willis Wants You to Think Twice About Telepathy

Everyone has wished that he or she could read minds, but what does a world where that can happen look...

Unbound Worlds

Interview With Stephen Toutonghi, Author, ‘Join’: Nobody Dies Alone

What if you could live multiple lives simultaneously, have constant, perfect companionship, and never...

Unbound Worlds

Hey Book Collectors: How Do You Keep Track of What You Own?

I own a lot of books, and managing my personal library so that it doesn't take over my home takes a lot...

Unbound Worlds

Star Wars HoloNet Digest #56: April 30 – May 7, 2014

Unbound Worlds Star Wars contributor Eric Geller brings you a roundup of Star Wars news from April 30...