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How Should Unfinished Novels Be Treated After An Author Dies?

Per his will, Terry Pratchett had his 10 unfinished works destroyed by steamroller. The question is,...


Fnord! 5 Novels Featuring Far-Fetched Conspiracy Theories

These stories of sinister cabals and their plans to ruin everything aren’t just conversation fodder...


Cage Match 2017 Round 2: Tom Bombadil vs The Luggage

J.R.R. Tolkien's Tom Bombadil takes on Terry Pratchett's Luggage in Round 2 of Unbound Worlds' Cage Match...


The Luggage vs Ky Vatta

Terry Pratchett's The Luggage takes on Elizabeth Moon's Ky Vatta in Round 1 of Unbound Worlds' Cage Match...


The Apocalypse Is Here! Amazon Greenlights Good Omens Adaptation!

Ever wonder what the end of the world will look like? Amazon Studios is bringing Gaiman and Pratchett's...


BBC Two Planning Sir Terry Pratchett Documentary

Good news for fans of the late and very dearly missed Sir Terry Pratchett: BBC Two has announced its...