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Honeyed Locusts and Fudge Treacle: 5 Fantasy Cookbooks

Zombies, dragons, wizards: Whatever you’re into, there’s a cookbook for it.


Weta Workshop Introduces ‘Lord of the Rings’ Miniature Collectible Line

Weta Workshop knows from collectibles. Check out one of their coolest yet - Dol Guldur.


Top 5 Decisive Battles From Our Favorite Sci-Fi and Fantasy Franchises

Sometimes the fates of nations are divided in one single battle. Here are our favorites from the worlds...

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Gifts For the Geek | Day 13: Weta Workshop Products

Weta Workshop has created some of the best special effects and geek products in the world. And these...

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Peter Jackson Admits He Was Making It Up As He Went Along For ‘The Hobbit’

I've been a fan of Peter Jackson's work for a great many years, but you can count me among those who...

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‘The Hobbit’ First Edition Sold at Auction for Almost $214K

Better hang on to those signed first-editions and keep them in good shape: A signed and inscribed first...