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Guest Essay: ‘Warlock Holmes’ Author G.S. Denning’s Top Five Funny Fantasy/SF Stories

Like fantasy stories with a little bit of a chuckle to them? Looking for your next book to read? Look...

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Gifts for the Geek | Day 17: ‘As You Wish: Inconceivable Tales From the Making of The Princess Bride’

The Princess Bride, along with Labyrinth, The Dark Crystal, Dragon Slayer, and The Last Unicorn is one...

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‘The Princess Bride’, ‘Star Wars’, and the Swordsmen Who Brought Them Together

I used to take fantasy way too seriously: No laughs for me, thanks. Let's get on with the brooding, right?...


Cage Match 2013 Finals! Round 5: Gandalf vs. Inigo Montoya

J. R. R. Tolkien's Gandalf fights William Goldman’s Inigo Montoya in this round of Cage Match 2013

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Cage Match 2013 Round 3: Bene Gesseriti vs. Inigo Montoya

Frank Herbert's Bene Gesserit fight William Goldman’s Inigo Montoya

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Cage Match 2013 Round Two: Captain Nemo vs. Inigo Montoya

Jules Verne's Captain Nemo fights William Goldman’s Inigo Montoya.