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3 Evil Houses: Books About Homes with Minds of Their Own

In most stories about haunted houses, ghosts are to blame for the paranormal goings-on, but in a rare...


Come Play With Us, Danny: ‘Shining’ Hotel to Become Horror Museum

The iconic haunted hotel from The Shining is set to become a museum. We can't wait to see how the setting...

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What Childhood Movie Scarred You For Life?

Guardians of the Galaxy made me feel giddy like a kid again. But it got me thinking. What movies...


Winter Weather Horror: Stephen King’s ‘The Shining’

When it comes to books set in the winter, The Shining pretty much occupies the go-to position

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Video Interview: Doctor Sleep by Stephen King

Doctor Sleep, the sequel to Stephen King's The Shining, is out in bookstores today! Make the jump...

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New Redrum! The Shining by Stephen King

In prepration for Doctor Sleep by Stephen King, The Shining is re-issued today with a new cover on it! And...