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New Kickstarter: EVIL IS A MATTER OF PERSPECTIVE Anthology

Most readers enjoy a really great villain, right? Grimdark Magazine just launchd its Kickstarter page...

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Guest Essay: ‘Enemy’ Author K. Eason: ‘Institutions as Villains’

What do you do when the very institution you serve is your enemy?

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Author Terry Brooks will be writing the introduction to Neverland's Shadow, a new anthology coming soon. Who...

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Interview with Claude Lalumiere, Editor, ‘Super Stories of Heroes & Villains’

Claude Lalumière is the editor of Super Stories of Heroes & Villains: George R. R. Martin’s Wild...

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Female Leads Being Cast in Next Batman Film: Let the Speculation Begin

The Hollywood Reporter has an exclusive lead on several actresses being cast for roles in Christopher...

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Who Will Be The Batman 3 Villain(s)?

The Dark Knight Rises, the third movie in the reinvigorated Batman franchise directed by Christopher...