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‘Princes of the Apocalypse’ Rise in the Forgotten Realms

How's this for a call to action? Primordial Evil Threatens the Realms! The first signs are always small:...


Interview with R.A. Salvatore: The Future of Drizzt, and More

Solid storytelling, big-hearted characters, and an epic sense of adventure makes the release of every...

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Braving The Tyranny of Dragons With Kobold-In-Chief Wolfgang Baur

Unless you knew any better, you could be acquainted with Wolfgang Baur for years, and never know the...


Interview: D&D Lead Designer Mike Mearls on 5E

When it came time to design a new edition of Dungeons & Dragons, lead designer Mike Mearls knew where...

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‘Game Of Thrones’ Writer Tapped For ‘Magic: The Gathering’ Movie

Deadline is reporting that Fox has tapped (get it?) Bryan Cogman, a producer and screenwriter on HBO's...


Exclusive Interview With R.A. Salvatore: Night of the Hunter

Unbound Worlds.com is proud to present this exclusive interview with R.A. Salvatore, creator of famed...