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Taylor Anderson on the Inspiration for the Destroyermen Series

With the release of Devil’s Due, the 12th novel in Destroyermen, author Taylor Anderson shares why...

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Elizabeth Moon’s “Books That Inspired Me”

What books inspired the work of New York Times bestselling author Elizabeth Moon? Read on . . .

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Write and Wrong

Earlier this week, on one of the gaming forums that I frequent, a fan asked me for writing advice

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World Fantasy Convention–Saturday, Oct. 30

Couldn't attend this year's World Fantasy Convention? Here are some pithy comments from various panels.


Unbound Worlds On Air: Scott Sigler on Podcasting, Podiobooking, and Breaking Through

Here it is, the final episode in our Scott Sigler interviews. We hope you've enjoyed them as much as...


Unbound Worlds On Air: Scott Sigler on Ancestor, Writing, Book Trailers and Movies

"I sometimes describe my books as a satanic Seinfeld episode." -Scott Sigler. In this edition of Unbound...