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Alan Smale on Why Alternate History Matters In Fantasy Writing

Clash of Eagles author Alan Smale discusses alternate history as a tool to examine humanity, decisions...


Gerald Brandt on Why Writers Go to Conventions

Gerald Brandt offers some insight on why conventions are important tools for writers of all styles, ages,...


5 Women Writers Who Have Made Space Opera their Own

In the early days of science-fiction, space opera was largely dominated by male writers. Things have...


4 Writers Who Have Grappled With Mental Illness

Some of our most beloved writers and artists have suffered with psychiatric conditions. Here are four...

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Names You Should Know: Groundbreaking Female SF/F Authors

FeedYourNeedtoRead.com writer Paul Wargelin has written an outstanding round-up of notable female science-fiction...

Unbound Worlds

HBO Puts Call Out for Diverse, Emerging Female Writers for Fellowship

Are you female? Do you love quality scripted programs like Game of Thrones and True Detective? Have you...