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9 Sci-Fi and Fantasy Writers Lost to Suicide

May is Mental Health Awareness Month - we remember 9 authors we lost too soon.


Alan Smale on Why Alternate History Matters In Fantasy Writing

Clash of Eagles author Alan Smale discusses alternate history as a tool to examine humanity, decisions...


Gerald Brandt on Why Writers Go to Conventions

Gerald Brandt offers some insight on why conventions are important tools for writers of all styles, ages,...


5 Women Writers Who Have Made Space Opera their Own

In the early days of science-fiction, space opera was largely dominated by male writers. Things have...


4 Writers Who Have Grappled With Mental Illness

Some of our most beloved writers and artists have suffered with psychiatric conditions. Here are four...

Unbound Worlds

Names You Should Know: Groundbreaking Female SF/F Authors

FeedYourNeedtoRead.com writer Paul Wargelin has written an outstanding round-up of notable female science-fiction...