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Guts and Glory: Paul Vigna’s Favorite Zombie Lit

Paul Vigna, author of The Walking Dead guide Guts, picks his favorite mainstream and obscure zombie books.


Remembering George A. Romero: Godfather of the Zombie Movie

While Romero directed many movies —“Martin,” “Creepshow,” “Monkey Shines,” “The Crazies”...


In Celebration of Father’s Day: The Top Eight Dads in Sci-Fi and Fantasy

With Father’s Day just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to take a look at a few of our favorite...


So You Want to Read Zombie Fiction: Here’s Where to Start

Here are my recommendations for must-reads, especially if you’re just getting into the genre.


‘Girl With All the Gifts’ Trailer and US Premiere Dates Released

A movie adaptation of The Girl With All the Gifts was released last year in the UK, and now it looks...


5 Kinds of Zombies You Meet in Horror Fiction

You’ll love this run-down of the many ways you can join the living dead.