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Guts and Glory: Paul Vigna’s Favorite Zombie Lit

Paul Vigna, author of The Walking Dead guide Guts, picks his favorite mainstream and obscure zombie books.


Remembering George A. Romero: Godfather of the Zombie Movie

While Romero directed many movies —“Martin,” “Creepshow,” “Monkey Shines,” “The Crazies”...


In Celebration of Father’s Day: The Top Eight Dads in Sci-Fi and Fantasy

With Father’s Day just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to take a look at a few of our favorite...


So You Want to Read Zombie Fiction: Here’s Where to Start

Just diving into the zombie fiction subgenre of horror? Here are five terrifying tales of the undead...


‘Girl With All the Gifts’ Trailer and US Premiere Dates Released

A movie adaptation of The Girl With All the Gifts was released last year in the UK, and now it looks...


5 Kinds of Zombies You Meet in Horror Fiction

You’ll love this run-down of the many ways you can join the living dead.