Chapter One: Armageddon’s Children


Armageddons Children by Terry Brooks
On August 26th, Terry Brooks and Del Rey Books will publish The Gypsy Morph, Book Three in the Genesis of Shannara series. It is the book that wraps up the story arc begun in Armageddon’s Children and The Elves of Cintra, both excellent post-apocalyptic reads which are now both out in paperback.
It is easy to get lost in Terry’s Shannara work; after all, there are numerous volumes and starting them can feel a daunting task even for the most seasoned of fantasy readers. But I wanted to feature Armageddon’s Children and what Terry is doing with this series, because 1) it is very much a stand alone series that can be read by anyone, and 2) from a literary standpoint it is interesting to see it set against our current politically charged climate much like The Road by Cormac McCarthy is.
Armageddon’s Children, right from the first chapter, echoes McCarthy’s book a great deal despite it being released a month earlier. Such similar books published at almost exactly the same time means there was a need for them to be written, a need that is more than likely buried in the subconscious of the world.
So try it! See if it is for you! Read Chapter One of Armageddon’s Children!
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