WHAT I LEARNED THIS WEEK: What Diana Gabaldon’s Jamie Fraser really looks like!


One of my funnest projects ever–yes, so much fun that it strips me of my ability to speak proper English–has been the Outlander graphic novel that’s currently being scripted by Diana Gabaldon and rendered in gorgeous four color by Hoang Nguyen. About 60 pages are in the can, as they say, and it’s been sooooo exciting to see Claire, Murtagh, Jack Randall and more come to life in Hoang’s very capable hands.
Here’s a sample page (without the lettering, obviously). Isn’t it gorgeous??? (sorry, total fan moment!)
The biggest challenge has been everyone’s favorite Highlander, Jamie Fraser. As Diana puts it in her blog: [more after the jump]

“Jamie has been a little more problematic, simply because everyone has such a well-defined (if not well-articulated) notion of what he looks like. The descriptions of him are more detailed than those of other characters in the books, because we’re looking at him through Claire’s eyes, and she’s paying close attention. [g] But to take those details and come up with a gestalt that embodies the whole…harder to do.”
Hoang has Jamie’s body shape well in hand, but his face has varied widely from page to page. He’s giving Diana a choice of looks from which to choose, after which, through the magic of PhotoShop, Hoang will adapt all the pages to match. But a giant leap forward was made just yesterday when Diana sent in this photo of model-hunk Gabriel Aubrey, which has been touched up by a couple of Outlander fans to give him red hair and position him against a Scottish background:
Jamie Fraser lookalike
The reaction to this photo on Diana’s blog has been an almost universal swoon.
Look for the graphic novel–as yet untitled–in spring 2010. Updates to come as the artwork continues. Perhaps a later post will include the results of our rousing search for the perfect Jamie butt, which has been continuing for months now. We need it for page 5.