SDCC: Diana Rowland Signing


Urban fantasy is about to get its ass kicked!
Mark of the Demon by Diana Rowland has been published now for a month to a quickly building fan base. Diana came to her first San Diego Comic Con, wild-eyed but ready for whatever the convention threw at her. Now, after a few days, she is a pro—and here she is being professional!
She signed hundreds of copies of Mark of the Demon for a line that stretched down the ailse and around the corner. Great stuff. Love to see it! Diana has been a police officer, a coroner and crime scene photographer, and she has used her extensive prior-life knowledge to write a gritty police procedural with urban fantasy trappings.

If you like Charlaine Harris, buy this book.
If you like Laurell K. Hamilton, buy this book.
If you like Carrie Vaughn, buy this book.
And if you want a great novel written by a super smart and sassy redhead, read Mark of the Demon!