SDCC: Sad Gaiman Fans


This is what two Neil Gaiman fans look like when they are shut out from seeing one of their favorite writers at a Comic Con!
The bald bloke on the left happens to be me. You can’t see it but there is an actual tear falling with melancholic slowness down my right cheek. The beautiful but just as sorrowfully pouty woman on the right is author Diana Rowland. We both, along with author Jackie Kessler, woke up early Comic Con Friday to try and win a lottery to see Neil, get some things signed and bask in his presence.
None of us won.
It was not meant to be.
It’s just one of those things at Comic Con. Even if you show up early and have saved a dozen kittens from drowning in the last week—supposedly giving you a great deal of karma at these events, I am told—you still might not get to meet the people you want.
So, Neil, we missed ya, buddy! Hope to see you soon though!