Interview with STAR WARS: THE ESSENTIAL ATLAS authors Jason Fry and Dan Wallace


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A long time ago George Lucas created a galaxy far, far away…and we were introduced to strange new worlds and the species that inhabited them. For more then thirty years writers, artists, and George himself have continued to add worlds to the Star Wars galaxy. On August 18 Del Rey and Lucas Books are proud to bring you a book that has been years in the making…Star Wars: The Essential Atlas written by Jason Fry and Dan Wallace with original illustrations by Chris Trevas and Ian Fullwood and maps created by Modi and Chris Reiff.
Jason Fry and Dan Wallace have spent over three years researching the Star Wars galaxy and writing Star Wars: The Essential Atlas. Now, on the eve of it’s publication the two authors took some time at San Diego Comic Con to enjoy the fruits of their labor. They signed copies of the book for fifty lucky fans and then took some time out to discuss the book with Unbound Worlds.
The first part of the interview is below. Jump to see the rest of the interview as well as exciting page spreads from the book.


Star Wars: The Essential Atlas artist Chris Trevas, author Dan Wallace, artist Chris Reiff, and author Jason Fry at SDCC.

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As seen in the page spreads above, the book features detailed regional maps along with pages focusing on many of the planets themselves. It would be a crime not to point out the gorgeous original illustrations by Chris Trevas as well.

Atlas p120-121.jpg
Atlas p128-129.jpg

There are over fifty original maps throughout the book. The maps cover everything from the galaxy as a whole, to specific regions, to historical events.

Atlas p154-155.jpg
Atlas p224-225.jpg

Probably most exciting to the casual Star Wars fan are the six movie maps featured in the book. Each of these page spreads will feature scenes from the movie plotted out on the galaxy map. Wondering where the Jedi were in Revenge of the Sith when Order 66 was executed? Turn to pages 154 and 155 to find out! The book is also up to date as Jason Fry and Dan Wallace have included material and information from Star Wars stories yet to be released, such as season two of The Clone Wars.

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